Bay County is located in the panhandle of Florida between Tallahassee and Pensacola. The county seat is Panama City, and it has a population of around 170,000. The county was named after St. Andrew’s Bay which is the most distinctive landmark in the county. The county was created in 1913 from portions of Washington, Calhoun, and Walton counties.

Bay County is a wonderful place for people who love water to live. St. Andrews Bay at the southern end of the county, opens up into the Gulf of Mexico, and has many of the county’s most populous communities nestled along its shores. The bay is mostly saltwater, with a few springs and creeks flowing into the bay from the mainland. The bay provides residents in the area with an abundance of activities. The area is famous for spotting manatees and dolphins which often play in the deeper waters of St. Andrews Bay during the morning hours.

The area is also a famous location for fishing. The waters are home to a wide variety of fish such as mullet, red fish, and the speckled trout. In addition, Panama City can boast as being the closest U.S. port to the Panama canal, from which the city gets its name.

Bay County is home to portions of the Pine Log State Park and Forest as well as several other management areas and conservation areas. Most of the population of the county lives surrounding the bay, but several thriving communities exist further inland as well. Those who live in this county find themselves part of a rich and growing community.