Broward County is located at the southern tip of Florida just to the north of Miami-Dade County. It has a population of nearly 2,000,0000 people, and is the second most populous county after Miami-Dade. Fort Lauderdale is the county’s seat, and many of the cities are located near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The county was not officially established until 1915. Two neighboring counties, Dade and Palm Beach County, both gave some of their land to create the boundaries of Broward County. The Florida Everglades makes up nearly two thirds of the area of the county, and many people wanted to name the county after the grassy expanse, but in the end the county was named after Florida governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward.

Broward County is home to 31 incorporated cities and towns, as well as around 50 other unincorporated communities. Most of these cities and towns are located on the eastern half of the county’s area.

The Broward County area offers a wide variety of opportunities for residents, visitors, and businesses. The warm, clean, and numerous beaches bring many tourists to the area every year. The A1A Scenic Highway takes visitors through many of the county’s most beautiful locations. It cuts through nine beach communities, and is a perfect route for nature lovers to traverse, with sea turtles and other wildlife, ocean views, and hundreds of different species of plant life. The SR A1A is also a convenient way to visit the many festivals and events that take place throughout the county.