Charlotte County is located near the southern tip of Florida on the western side. The nearest major cities on either side are Fort Myers to the south and Sarasota to the north. The county has a population of around 160,000, and its county seat is Punta Gorda. Charlotte County was formed in 1921 from DeSoto County, and has since retained its original borders.

The name of the county likely comes from a misunderstanding of the name “Calusa”, which was the title of the Native American people who lived in the Charlotte area before the settlement of the land by Europeans.

One of the most distinctive features of this county is the Gasparilla Sound and Charlotte Harbor around which many of the county’s communities reside. The county is also home to several keys and islands off the coast of the mainland such as Manasota Key, and Don Pedro Island. There are many state parks in these areas that visitors and residents can enjoy while basking in the mild Florida weather and the bright sunshine.

Much of the eastern side of the county is made up of the Fred C. Babcock/Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area. The area contains many swampy and forested areas that are perfect for wildlife to live and thrive.

Charlotte County is home to many distinctive unincorporated communities, many of which are located right on the shores of the harbor. These communities include Port Charlotte, which is one of the best places to retire, according to Forbes, as well as Charlotte Harbor at the mouth of the Peace River. For those who love ocean views, this county has an abundance.