Flagler County is located in the northeast side of Florida on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of roughly 96,000. The county seat of Flagler County is Bunnell which is a city just under 10 miles inland from the coast.

Flagler was formed in 1917 from the St. Johns and Volusia Counties. Occupants of the county decided to name it after the man who built the Florida East Coast Railway, Henry Morrison Flagler. The railway had a profound impact on the state and was responsible for much of the settlement along the east coast in towns and cities that are now beloved and thriving.

Flagler County is located in a very convenient part of the state. It’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the presence of I-95 through the eastern half of the state makes it easy to access all of the most popular destinations in the state. Daytona Beach is just miles south of the county, and many tourists drive through the area bringing health into the economy.

The county is filled with parks, gardens, and preserves that make for wonderful weekend retreats and family fun. Palm Coast, on the northeast side of the county, is a popular destination. The beaches in Flagler County are pet friendly, and offer many opportunities for surfing, camping, watching dolphins and other sea life, or simply enjoying the sun and the sand.

With its beautiful and friendly beaches, easy access to other parts of the state, and friendly communities, Flagler County is one of the premier places to live in the state of Florida.