Pasco County is located on the western coast of Florida just north of Tampa. It has an estimated population of around 460,000. Many of these residents travel to Tampa to work, but choose to reside in the quieter towns in Pasco County. The county seat is Dade City which is located on the eastern side of the county.

Pasco County was named after Samuel Pasco who was a United States Senator from Florida in the late 1800s. The county was established in 1887. At its inception, citrus was the main industry. Today, as the citrus industry has declined, the county finds its niche in other areas of industry. As the county is located in an ideal part of the state with several large highways connecting major cities in the area, many varied businesses are able to thrive. Many industries such as bottled water, purification systems, lumber, and fishing find an ideal business environment in Pasco County.

Many retired residents of Florida move to the county as well to find peace and solace after working hard for many years. The county features many neighborhoods and communities that are perfect for someone looking to settle down to a life of home comfort. In addition, those who love the outdoors will find miles of trails that meander through state parks and beside lakes.

The landscape in Pasco County is as varied as the people who choose to live there. There is something for everyone as the land transitions smoothly from forests and plains to sandy beaches and bustling towns.